Wolffs & Amans
is a brand-first design agency.


Based in Boulder, Colorado, our new office is always a flight away.

We work with individuals and micro or small businesses to develop a cohesive brand alongside a beautiful digital presence. Simple, powerful design is our focus, featuring large storytelling images, and carefully crafted copywriting. 

Our inspiration comes from the outdoors, from travel to faraway places, and from the people who make up a fascinating world. We prefer minimalism over noise. We listen to our music loud, even if it's ambient. We pet animals aggressively, and apologize profusely when we've taken ten minutes of their owner's time.

Let's come together to make something we can both be proud of.

There are agencies that won’t exist in a few years and there are what the new modern agency should look like. This is a true modern agency.

Wolffs & Amans develops brand and design strategies at a higher level than agencies 10x their size.

Brad "Murdoc" Jurgensen
General Sales Manager
HomeSlice Media and Entertainment Corp


Our Name


The Wolffs & Amans name, taken literally, refers to the two South Dakotan sides of our founder's family. It harkens back to the industrious spirit of the nomadic German-Russians, who made a breadbasket of the barren prairie. With hard work and ingenuity, they gave life to a forgotten region.

If you prefer metaphor, our name is a daily reminder we must embrace the sum of our histories, our personalities, and our creativity. We are to gain inspiration from all places, especially our peers in the industry.

It's "Wolff", the furry kind. "Aman", closer to almond than a solitary male. No possessives, it belongs to us all.


Why We Build Sites
with Squarespace



Squarespace captured our eyes and hearts as far back as 2009, when our founder Josh used the platform to teach himself HTML, CSS, and web development. He went on join the company in 2010, leaving in 2015 to found Wolffs & Amans.


Beyond our deep knowledge of the platform, we believe Squarespace is a rewarding, low-cost solution if you're a small brand with a big vision. As an agency, Squarespace allows us to take client ideas from conception to www. within the week, depending on the project scope. 


Since it's already loaded with beauty, designing with Squarespace gives us more time to consider the entirety of your brand, including the goals for your digital portfolio. 

Ten Reasons We Love Squarespace

1. All-in-one hosting and domains make going "live" simple.

2. It's cost effective for individuals & small business.

3. Built in e-commerce functionality with Stripe, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

4. Gorgeous, heavily-modifiable templates speed up design.

5. GSuite for email, Mailchimp for customer newsletters, and many more official integrations.

6. Social networking with Facebook, Instagram, and dozens more.

7. Content-rich blogging and gallery options for creators.

8. Responsive, global customer service available 24/7.

9. Easy to produce landing pages featuring strong calls to action.

10. It's the total package, no matter your digital publishing needs.


Disclaimer: We are not associated with Squarespace in an official capacity. Opinions on Squarespace are solely of the Wolffs & Amans team.