Case Studies in Brief

We're proud of our work, and equally proud of what we've learned along the way. Our attention to aesthetic, combined with clients' unique personalities and motivations, share the stories that propel their goals forward. The following "mini-studies" explore our approach to the challenges brought by clients, and the results of our work together to strengthen their brands.

Our mission is always met:
We provide individuals and small businesses with a beautiful digital home, worthy of their passion, art, and diligent work.


Jack Rice - Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer

Website:, Services: FuLL Brand Design, Site Design, Facebook Page, Business Cards, Copywriting

Jack is an extraordinary man who cares deeply for people, making sure those who most need justice receive it. A former CIA officer, he is a frequent talking head across international and national media. He's hosted radio shows, coordinated South Sudanese relief efforts, and taught trial advocacy in Europe. To say we're excited to work with such a storied human is an understatement.

Focusing solely on his legal practice, Wolffs & Amans put a modern stroke on an industry that typically shows little variance in design. We designed the front page to mimic a "one pager", providing all relevant information to potential clients without searching through the site.

We relied on a bright, minimalist look to represent calm. The navy and powder blues represent trust and stability, as well as Minnesota's many lakes and Mississippi river origins. Grain-yellow promotes hope, victory and nods to the state's agricultural leanings. The site's serifs hint at law's sophisticated air. Thin sans-serifs add modernity and ease on the eyes for reading.

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 4.28.48 PM.png

Katie Knecht - Writer & Copywriting Consultant

Website:, Services: Logo/Wordmark, Site Design, Landing Page, Social Marketing

Katie's a driven, talented writer with a broad published portfolio. Having recently completed an MFA in creative writing, she's expanding her portfolio to include copywriting and grammar consulting for others. Her clientele include young professionals looking for résumé "once-overs", students pouring nervously over their thesis, and small businesses needing a strong message to bring customers into their digital doors.

As Katie shares in our love for minimalism, we took a "content-as-color" approach which adds vibrancy to her site, while surfacing her portfolio work. To separate her creative work from her copywriting consultancy, we decided on a simple but strong landing page which shows the essence of her personality: a combined love of felines and putting pen to paper.

Words are paramount to Katie's craft, and we decided a proper wordmark would help merge her personal brand with professional. Since we were in a copywriting mindset, we discussed her favorite correction marks when editing. Taking a mark she mentioned and playing on the silence of the "h" in her last name (Knecht, pronounced like “connect”), we arrived precisely at the mark we were looking for. A bold, modern sans-serif font combined with a simple, referential professional element in its corrective ballpoint pen stroke.


Josh Wolff - Brand. Design. Photography. LifeOps.

Website:, Services: Full Brand Design, Full Site Design, Photography, Video production

Our fearless leader, Josh, has been chipping away at his personal portfolio site for years. Looking to feature his years of work in technology, journals from increasingly frequent world travels, and rediscovered passion for photography, it would be necessary to bridge that gap through multiple media, while remaining simple in its message.

To personalize Josh's sense of adventure, we leaned on an action-packed, video-based landing page which summed up his unique experiences of the past year. A typical "about" page was shed for a more narrative and timeline-based synopsis of what he's about, while surfacing his photography work. This leaves dual portfolio pages: a photography-specific creative portfolio, and a professional portfolio which opts again for narrative over formality in its "résumé in brief" approach to modern CV's.

The Josh Wolff logomark plays on the "double-f" of his surname, unique among...wolves. Its shape resembles the animalist namesake, and each character found in Josh's full name can be spelled through the graphic inset's strokes. Go ahead, try it!