Small Business Package

Wolffs & Amans are small business owners, and the fact that you're reading this is testament to seeing our ideas and passions through. First impressions and word of mouth still reign. Bringing a small business to life through careful-crafted strategy and messaging ensures lasting, organic relationships with your clientele. 

We focus on building you a cohesive Small Business brand package so you can focus on what matters most: keeping customers happy.


A New Digital Storefront for Your Business

We design sites that lead customers into your doors, whether digital or physical. In a game of seconds, we'll make sure your first impression leads to lasting trust with your potential customer base.

Our gorgeous, photo-heavy sites add personality where it counts. Personalized copywriting weaves your brand story into this new look. We use Squarespace to do the job quickly and beautifully.


Enrich Your Community With Your Passion

A business exists to serve, but also to make customers a part of its unique process and pride. The sweat hours of your passion, leading to meaningful interactions with others, are the exact stories we as businesses need to share.

Through our initial interviews, we'll get to know your clientele as if they were our own. We place your business on relevant social networks, and assist you in creating audience-friendly content, such as blog posts or videos.


Your Business, Everywhere

Each business has a brand fingerprint, crafted by its hard-working ownership, vibrant staff, and chosen locale. Even with those unique elements, businesses struggle with what it takes to combine them into a capital-b Brand.

We capture that essence and give your business an entirely cohesive digital experience, front to back. To small businesses starting their brand at ground level, we offer a logo and wordmark that completes the brand story.


We're value-centered and results driven.

Whatever your digital need, we'll put together a package that focuses on your current goals and targets, whether it's increased leads for your mailing list or 

- The Wolffs & Amans team

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